Hyundai Bellville - Frustrated with clutch

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I had several clutches replaced on my "new" car.The last one only lasted for 517km.

Was told that it is impossible for a clutch only last that long. It was the drivers fault. I got so frustrated since this problem continued for 18 months that I sold the car Tuesday. Got a call yesterday to say they now admit there is a problem and all cars are now recalled that had clutches replaced.

There were many other issues between us, of which I need a couple of pages to explain them all.All the emails between us is available on request

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I can atest for the clutch issues you are talking about, Just bought an elantra, a month ago the car has 28,000 and in the month I have had it I got to spend 2000.00 to get new clutch and some transmission issues because of the clutch.

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